ABC & the Publisher

ABC's primary objective is to arrive at and certify authentic circulation figures representing Net Paid Sales of member publications and disseminate the data for the use of space buyers. Together with the ABC Certificate, data on territorial distribution of copies in various states, major cities and small towns is included as an add on.

As ABC Certificates are regularly referred to for media selection, the publisher has a far better chance of being selected by space buyer members of ABC. By enjoying the confidence of space buyers, publishers are able to increase their Ad revenues and also improve their services.

Publisher members must maintain essential books and records to facilitate a proper ABC audit and also appoint an independent firm of Chartered Accountants from amongst the approved panel of auditors named by ABC. Admission of publishers to ABC membership is subject to a satisfactory admission audit. ABC has a system of recheck audit and surprise check audits of publications to be carried out as and when ABC deems appropriate.

ABC adds to the Publications success by providing advertisers the information they need to evaluate print media. The Publishers fully participate in ABC's efforts to help them gain the credibility advertisers are looking for. Advertisers normally place their advertisements with publications that can substantiate their Circulation claims through authentic sources which is easy to understand.

New Membership

Membership of ABC entails certain obligations in respect of books and records to be maintained to facilitate a field and proper ABC audit as per the information given below:

Permanent information form and Membership application form should be filled up and sent to the Bureau's office along with one years annual subscription plus the same amount as one time entrance fee.

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