ABC & the Advertiser

Advertisers require to know to what extent any advertising medium is an effective sales promoter and consequently must have knowledge of two factors (1) cost of the advertisement and (2) the results which he expects from the advertisement. Any calculation of results must necessarily be based on the scope of audience which the advertiser is addressing and in the case of a newspaper or a periodical this is directly related to number of copies which are in circulation. As far as the advertisers are concerned, more and more effective distribution of their advertising investments is ensured by the circulation data provided by the ABC. This ABC data is by far the most accurate information on circulation of important publications, which is available. It also shows the changes in the circulation trends and its coverage of circulation. Advertisers can access the purchase preference in that area thereby obtaining valuable clues in locating potential markets. ABC Certificates can be used as a reliable and a dependable guide for finding the right markets for the advertisers products. ABC's concept of circulation audit is accepted in many advanced countries for authentic and accurate circulation figures.

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New advertiser member should complete the information and the membership form and send the same to the Bureau's office along with annual subscription and equivalent amount as one time entrance fees.

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