ABC & the Advt.Agency

ABC provides its member advertising agencies with uptodate audited circulation data every - six months relating to member publications in the country. This circulation data covers distribution of copies in various states, major cities and even smaller towns which are potential markets. The half-yearly ABC Certificates are used for media planning. To get maximum value for their clients, the ABC Certificates enable advertising agencies to compare the circulation trends of various newspapers and periodicals.

ABC provides reliable, accurate and audited circulation figures which normally forms a sound foundation for media recommendation.

ABC has been the foundation for all print media buyers providing the advertising industry with an even playing field. Advertisers are assured through ABC that each Rupee spent is correctly invested in media that provides accurate circulation numbers while extending creditability to publishers circulation claims.

New Membership

An advertising agency seeking membership of the Bureau should be accredited to Indian Newspaper Society (INS). New Delhi or a Member of AAAs of India, Mumbai. The new advertising agency member should fill up Membership application form and the information form in detail and send the same along with a cheque/demand draft as per the schedule of entrance fees and annual subscription.

New members should remit their annual subscription as well as equivalent amount as one time entrance fee.

Membership Application Form

Schedule of Fees